Enriched Quality & Process Involved with Manuka Honey

Enriched Quality & Process Involved with Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is a delicate and precious resource that requires careful processing and handling that ensures the natural properties during its extraction and packing process. Unlike any other Manuka Honey distributors, Ausvita Health owns the entire process from the hive to the jar from our wide range of beehives. We make sure that the quality and the food safety standards along with the beneficial natural properties remain the same. The main focus in the manufacturing of Manuka Honey Online is on its MGO quantity and quality which is essential to make it one of the most powerful superfood.

How To Confirm That You’re Getting the Natural Manuka?

When it comes to buying Manuka Honey, it becomes essential to know what you’re getting otherwise you will get the product that is a lot more different than what you were expecting. Moreover, that can also lead to disappointment with the outcomes as well. However, evaluating the Manuka Honey can be as subjective as evaluating the source of the news stories.

But with the answer to questions like “How much do you know about the company? What is the origin of their honey or from which country it has been certified? How are they representing themselves on the social channels and website? Do you feel the authentication in the way they present themselves?” you can easily determine if the particular brand is trustworthy or not?

On the other hand, when it comes to facts, the most important thing to check is the accuracy of the methylglyoxal (MGO) amount on the label.

  1. Methylglyoxal

The actual value of active Manuka Honey is based on the concentration levels of methylglyoxal (MGO) present in the honey. With the strong antimicrobial properties that is nothing like any other floral honey that you will come across.

Moreover, the main factor that makes Manuka Honey this unique is none other than the MGO amount available in it. You will either found the Manuka Honey label with MGO level from 120+ to 1250+ or in the UMF numbers, the higher the concentration of MGO is the greater would be the benefits and cost.

  1. Manuka Imposters

If you don’t find the real MG or MGO or UMF ratings on the label of the Manuka Honey that you are about to purchase, you need to re-examine and ask yourself, “Why it is not there?” The answer to it is extremely simple – They just don’t have MGO concentration in their honey. Sometimes you will also find Manuka Honey that has words like K Factor 16 or Bio Active 15+ that tends to make you believe they are real when in reality they are not.

  1. 100% Active Manuka Honey

We at Ausvita Health have an aim to not only let you understand about the Manuka Honey but also provide assurance for its quality that you will get from here. We also mention that exact amount of MGO present in the Manuka Honey and are glad to share the certifications and tests that is to assure the quality of Manuka Honey for Sale.

When you make the purchase from Ausvita Health for any product and especially Manuka Honey you can be 100% confident that what you are getting is organic. 

Quality, Purity & Safety

In order to ensure both the purity and integrity of our Manuka Honey. We also have a strict quality testing process that entails toxins, sugar, moisture, pollen, flavour, enzyme activity, microbiology, and MGO.

Moreover, all the beehives that we have are present in the area that is quite in distance with the agricultural land which not only ensures that there are no pesticides or herbicides in the surrounding environment but also assures the natural goodness of the Manuka Honey. Besides, we still do quality tests to completely be certain that the packaging of Manuka Honey that is leaving our facilities is of the highest quality, free of contaminants and certifies food safety.


So now that you know the way to check and make sure the quality of the Manuka Honey, it becomes easier for you to find the best Manuka Honey to buy. If you too want to gain the health and skin benefits that Manuka has then all you need to do is get in touch with Ausvita Health and buy Manuka Honey Online ASAP!

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